The Leopard Seal are main antagonists in Hop.

Leopard Seal (Hop)
Background information
Feature films Hop (deleted)
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Ron Husband
Voice Frank Welker
Performance model Lee Perry
Inspiration The Sea Lion
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Hungry, angry, mysterious, ominous, destructive, loathsome, lazy, evil, obnoxious, pushy, aggressive, ruthless, dramatic, sneaky, envious, astute, loud-mouthed, lion-hearted, emotional, outlandish, prickly, abusive, relentless, determined, shrewd, emotionless, ambitious, level-headed
Appearance red devilish eyes, mouth, nose, tail. Gigantic and slender leopard seal and sharp teeth
Occupation Leopard Seal
Affiliations Neutral/Bad
Goal To eat fight E.B. (failed)
Home The Arctic
Allies E.B.
Minions Carlos (Hop), Phil (Hop)
Enemies E.B.
Likes Food, eating, water, Rabbit's, Fish, Hunting
Dislikes Gets beat up by E.B. then kicked him off the arctic
Powers and abilities Hunting skills
Weapons His fin and teeth
Fate Killed by E.B.
Quote I'll shove my happy foot in yo' ass, cracka!

Happy Feet to E.B..

Apperance Edit

Hop Edit

In the film "Hop" When he is confronted by Leopard Seal and his red eyes. Instead of attacking, Happy Feet dances for him. However, when Leonidas says he has leopard seal, Leopard Seal is angered and claims he will shove his Instead of attacking, Leopard Seal dances for him. However, when E.B. says he has leopard seal, Leopard Seal is angered and claims he will shove his body up his ass and knocks Leonidas down. Leopard Seal makes E.B. lick his "snowballs" before body in his face. E.B. pushes Leopard Seal away and flees through the middle of an opening. Leopard Seal chases him but gets stuck. E.B. grabs a harpoon inside some glass that has a sign that says "In Case of Seal Attack Break Glass" and harpoons the seal, hitting him. E.B. chasing by The Leopard Seal hiding in a Get's House when Fred and E.B. when open the door gets kicked to defeated by E.B..

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